Born to shop! Not to mop!

My name is Nicola Danson and I am a reluctant housewife.

Reluctant for two reasons:

  1. In no way am I or claim to be able to clean. I just cant do it. If there is a way to avoid it, I will find it (take for example, the desire to start a blog …..). Dont get me wrong, Id prefer to be clean and tidy, I just cant be bothered.
  2. I gave up work in 2007 to be at home with my children. I always thought it would be a temporary thing – Ive always been a live to work, rather than work to live type person. But here we are over 4 years later and Im still off. There is a large part of me that would like to go back to work (part of me doesnt and is perfectly happy staying at home with my children and avoiding the housework) but I cant. With 5 children, the cost of childcare has now become prohibitive to working. Surely that cant be right. Im not saying Im the most intelligent person in the world, but surely it would make more sense for someone like me (degree educated, young-ish, interested, motivated, flexible and willing) to be in work rather than at home (not) cleaning?

So instead I have to give my abilities voluntarily to the school via the PTA and as a Governor. Personally, I think they’ve done pretty well out of the deal.

Today I have applied for a couple of jobs that I wont be shortlisted for because my experience is out of date. I have changed my CV to include my PTA experience. But something tells me employers see those fateful three letters and its like having a bit red pen cross my name out of the running. There should be some anti-PTA legislation!!

I have also looked into another qualification. This year will be my final year of studying for my CIPD qualification (like a post-graduate in HR for those not aware). But Im already bored of it and looking for the next challenge. I quite fancy the look of a post graduate qualification in Occupational Health at Cardiff University. But the fees are £3000. I also quite fancy doing a social policy degree through the Open University. Pretty soon, Ill be like my dad – the most qualified unemployed person in Britain!

Until next time …..