Good day today – shamed into a bit of cleaning due to visitors tomorrow. Also fixed Hoover. Gotta love a freephone helpline! Although one woman trying to direct another woman into taking apart a dyson would have had any man in hysterics – a small plastic part at the left, no right, move your finger down there towards the end there’s a dent, use a screwdriver to take the head off from there. In the end I looked it up on the internet – but at least I knew what I was looking for!
In other news, plumber came and fixed drip, drip, dripping shower. Had to rush upstairs when I realised I might not gave tidied up from when I had a shower this morning. I’ll just take that I said as I picked up my bra off the floor. Don’t worry, he said, I’ve seen it all before. I’m not worried I thought, can’t imagine how dangerous a greyed, nursing bra is to a man past 60.