Chris Moyles, radio God (as opposed to Leighton Denny, nail God) is on holiday this week so I was listening to Chris Evans on Radio Two while making the packed lunches and feeding breakfast to the baby (Im nothing if not multi-tasking) and he was discussing a study that said 2/3 of women dont like the term “housewife” and 1/3 even find it offensive. They asked for suggestions as to alternatives – Chris thought his suggestion of “superwoman” was the best.

Very often when I tell people that I have five children they say “Wow! I dont know how you do it, I admire you”. Its great to be told how wonderful you are but I wish it would be reflected in the real world.

My CV has a great big 4 year hole in it. During which time I have become secretary of the PTA, course co-ordinator of the local football club, Governor of both the schools my children go to, (nearly) completed a post-graduate diploma, been mum to 5 children (with all the extra job descriptions that encompasses including taxi driver, teacher, nurse and cook) and yes I admit a (reluctant) housewife. And that doesnt include trying (and mostly failing) to go to the gym twice a week, dabbling from time to time in jewellery making, being a friend, daughter, granddaughter and wife and all while suffering from depression (#whatstigma – thats another story). As well as lots of other things that I either cant remember at this moment or Ive tried and not liked enough to keep up).

For the most part, Im happy with my lot, (apart from the cleaning part obviously – i would happily swap that for a red porsche and skyscraper heels) but I do get frustrated by being completely ignored.

Im not desperately looking for a job but I do keep an eye out and apply for the odd one or two – but I dont even get a “thanks but no thanks”. Ive tried to re-write my CV to include some of the things I have done in “job-friendly” language because I know what Ive done is at least equivalent to some of the things someone in paid employment might do but I just know all recruiters can see is “blah blah blah”.

About 3 years ago I applied for a tele-sales job, I was told that during the team exercise I came across as too “me, me, me” (its a fault of mine, who knew? what can I say?!!) but that I passed everything else and I was welcome to re-apply in 6 months. So I dutifully did, this time, during the initial “competency interview” I used examples of team working in my PTA work and so on. Guess what – I was told I didnt have the qualities they were looking for!

So I may be a reluctant housewife but if you dont mind, dont call me superwoman unless you actually think it.