This business with Liam Fox is a sad one. I dont know about you but I dont (or didnt, when I was working) invite my friends on business trips. But I did ask Doug to come with me(at least at the beginning of our relationship, just before I finished work I loved going away cos I was glad of a break!) . Now, sometimes I try and think of ways that we can all come on a trip with him. We never do of course as we can never think of a way of it being any cheaper than a normal holiday so whats the point?

All politicians are corrupt – thats a given. Its not really their fault, power corrupts. In an ideal world, we’d find a way around it but until then we should stop being surprised by it. Liam Fox used his contacts, influence, whatever to fund his friend coming on his business trips. I know nothing about Liam Fox (who’d be interested in politicians?) but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he and his friend did not have any ulterior motives other than they couldnt otherwise afford to go away together.

Now then, lets re-wind the story and pretend that Liam Fox has “come out” as gay and has married his “friend”. They are now living happily together as husband and….er…. husband. Liam Fox needs to go on a business trip. For politicians, its seems “normal” to go away with your wife – think Michele Obama, Samantha Cameron and so on. So Liam Fox can either take his partner legitimately or decide – actually Ill leave him at home cos Ive seen quite enough of him this week.

Even in our open and accepting society its very sad that someone would rather scheme and manipulate and calculate than to admit to being homosexual.