Ever had oneof those days where you have so much to do, you don’t know where to start so you run around and end up doing nothing? Well that’s today. In truth, it’s probably my life, but today seems worse.


It started badly. Genie went to bed last night at 7.30pm. Adelaide went to sleep at 10.30pm so I didn’t go to bed till 11ish. Genie woke once in the night and then decided to start the day at 4.30am (which was a good9 hours sleep for her, but only 5 for me). So I was tired. Big time. At 8.30am I gave up and told Doug he had to get up. He complained but did then let me sleep for about 3 hours. Lovely. Trouble was, my body was not sure whether it was morning or lunchtime. Like havingjet lag but without the gorgeous exotic holiday. Truth, if ever it was needed, that, as my dad says, sleep is bad for you.