Read today an article about a mother who left her baby home alone while she went out drinking. Makes for very uncomfortable viewing. Clearly we don’t want any child suffering.

However, my main concern is for the mother. She loved her child – she went back everyday to feed it (once a day). She obviously doesn’t have the intelligence to comprehend that this was not enough. After all – you only feed a pet once a day.

It makes me so upset. A child is not a pet. A child is a lifestyle choice. trouble is, our children – and the mother was a child, no matter what her actual chronological age, are not taught that.

Our sexual education is lacking. Our education policies are lacking. We teach women (orgirls) that they can “have it all”. You can’t. Once you have a baby, your priorities must change. Your life is never the same again.When we teach sexual education – why don’t we explain that?

Why can’t we teach our children that sex can lead to babies. Babies are hard work. If you are not prepared for the risk then don’t have sex. Our abortion rate is way too high. Girls seem to treat it like a contraceptive choice. It’s murder! Plain and simple. Once you carry a foetus, you are a mother – if it dies naturally then you will grieve. If you murder your defenceless, unborn child then I have no sympathy for your hormones. (there’s a time and a place for abortion and used correctly – eg rape, severe disability then that’s a terrible considered choice and I wouldn’t wish it anyone mother so I support your right to choose).

So my point is – don’t blame the poor uneducated, unsupported mother. She had sex and she attempted to deal with the consequences. Blame society: where was the education? Where were the authorities? Where were the parents? Where were the neighbours – they may have called the police eventually but why didn’t they step in earlier? Where is the moral obligation of society that is afraid of upsetting the mother? Where is the mothers right to ask for help?

The poor child is being looked after. But what hope for the mother? What hope for the future mothers? It’s a sad sad story for a maternal girl like me to hear…….