Mind (the mental health charity) posted a link to a blogger’s letter to his depression as part of his treatment plan. An interesting concept so I thought I’d give it a go.

Dear Depression,

This is a difficult letter to write, since we have never actually been introduced. In fact, I can’t actually remember a time when you weren’t around. Thinking back, I think you snuck in alongside puberty so I didn’t really know the difference.

Im not really sure what i want to say to you. I’d love to ask you to leave, but that would feel like asking my left leg to leave – you are a part of me. You make me, “me”. That’s a hard concept to come to terms with cos I don’t like you so if you are a part of me then I guess that means I don’t like me. Which I suppose is true. I dislike many things about myself. But Ive done CBT many times and the concept of that is recognising negative thoughts as incorrect and destructive and ignoring them or re-thinking them into positive ones. Its a simple and easy concept. Its not as easy to practice! I certainly do not want you to go and visit someone else. I wouldnt wish you on anyone. And anyway, you seem to get around quite enough already.

So lets just agree to live together.If you would just stick to your side and not try and take over (like you have done so many times) then we will get along. Thank you.