Im so glad to have my laptop back! Been thinking about trying to get more into this blog marlacky and dont have a computer to use. Of course, now I have the opportunity I dont know what to write! 

Im so excited because Im arranging a little do in September for my fellow JewelleryMaker fans and its come on leaps and bounds this week or so. I met up with Karon Crawford and Vivienne Wigmore (two of the guest designers from JM) and had a lovely chat with them. They are really lovely ladies, who make their living from jewellery making and related things (like designing and publishing articles in jewellery mags) which is inspirational in itself – it can be done even in our little backwater Wales! 

On Sunday I had a stall at a craft fair in Cowbridge which I think was the most nerve wracking experience that I can remember. Not sure why exactly now, think it was fear of the unknown. As once I was there I was fine. I didnt sell a thing but I met some lovely JM ladies and had a good chat with my co-stall holder Kerie. And they all seemed to like the ideas for the September event. I think if I had been the only one not selling, then I would have been disappointed but everyone was struggling so I just chalked it up to experience. Good to know that something I cant do (because of childcare commitments) doesnt mean Im missing out on making my fortune. 

This week I also started my PTLLS (Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector) qualification. Im using “jewellery making” as my “specialist subject”. For all my “i want to work, not teach”, maybe my future is in teaching afterall!

And then yesterday, I spoke to the legend that is Gemma Crow (one of the “top” JM designers) about coming to our little gathering. She was up for it so looks like its all systems go! So must go and make the most of having my computer back and do some things on Facebook that my iPad wont let me do!