So tonight is Eurovision. A song contest that brings together European nations and let’s some display passive aggression.

Its make your mind up time. Shall we stay in or out? Let’s discuss:

  • The decisions are made by unelected officials and are all corrupt

who are these people who decide we get ‘nil’ point? Does anyone know? Has anyone you know ever voted? Someone decides the nation prefers a woman with a beard singing to a woman with bare feet. But someone somewhere tells someone ‘you make that decision’. Presumably it’s someone  with some knowledge of music and/or what the country likes. And it is getting better and more transparent. In recent years we in the uk have been allowed telephone votes and I assume other countries are the same or similar methods. It is know that some countries always votes for their neighbours. And admitting it is the first step. The contest is trying to find ways of ‘cleaning up’ their processes so it’s less cronyism. But at the end of the day who cares: yes a winner is chosen, but we can still chose whether to buy the single and uk radio stations can still chose whether and how much they play the winning songs.

  •  its costs us more than we benefit

the uk is automatically included on the final because we are one of the primary bankrollers so yes we pay in a lot. But what about the indirect benefits to our economy? What about the extra drinking and socialising we do? What about the costumes we buy? What about the hours the BBC can fill on their schedules relatively cheaply (allowing the money to be spent elsewhere)? What about the music industry that can sell more singles and albums? What about the concert venues that can put on Eurovision inspired or produced artists? What about newspapers and magazines that sell stories and articles about Eurovision? And of course us Brits love to moan and we’d miss that if we left.

  • our music industry is flooded with europeans

Bloody Europeans coming here taking our music chart places! Well yes but we let them in our charts – we buy the music, there’s obviously a role for them to fill. We dont want to make cheesy pop but someone likes it so they fulfill a need and probably do it better than we could. If someone else is making the crappy stuff then we can get on doing what we do best – making good quality music that is one of our biggest exports to the world. We also have music imports from the rest of the world which wouldn’t change by us coming out of Eurovision.

  • if we leave we’ll be able to make our own music, our way and with whomever we want

yes we have to produce crap cheesy pop to complete but we still do it our way. Every year we think our song is better than the rest (every year we get ‘nil point’). But they do stretch us to think outside our comfort zone and help our music industry get better.

And so it seems the choice is obvious: let’s keep the rubbish, flaw-ridden, costly system. What dull lives we’d have without it!