I admit. I’m a  bit disappointed at the lack of reaction my last post about Eurovision had. I’m an overthinker so I have come up with three possible explanations:

  1. You didn’t read it
  2. You read it and didn’t understand it
  3. You read it and thought it was stupid.

Fair enough on points 1 and 3 but point 2 is something I can do something about so from now on Ill assume that’s it.

I feel terrible for not explaining myself properly because the post was actually a very important political opinion masked in jest. I must have masked it too much. I must have disguised it as a post about Eurovision so much that it was only obvious to me that it isn’t about Eurovision at all. I’m truly truly sorry. 😦

Let me be clear. The post is about the upcoming EU referendum.

Let me give you some background.

I’m passionate about voting. I think its very important for everyone to vote in every election they have the right to vote in. As a women particularly, I think we owe it to Emily Pankhurst et al to vote. So I fully intend to vote in the EU referendum. But I have no idea what I’m voting for or which box Ill put my X in.

I watch the News. I read a lot of online articles. I read newspaper headlines (while walking around Tescos). I have an outline understanding of whats going on. But what IS going on? Can anyone decipher the real points from the fear and mud slinging and negative campaigning? Can anyone really make an informed decision based on the information out there? I’m not convinced. I’m certainly struggling. And I overheard a conversation last weekend (which prompted the post) from people feeling the same as me. People will either chose not to vote because they don’t understand the question or they’ll chose by “eeny meeny miney mo” on the day. Surely the issue is too important for that?

When asked the question first: should the UK leave the EU, my answer was “Yes”. The EU is a corrupt waste of money that makes decisions on our behalf and we should stand up for ourselves and make a stand “No more!”.

But then a friend (I say friend, more of an acquaintance as I only met her a couple of times) posted on Facebook about how vehemently anti-Brexit she is. I asked questions and she has been good enough to answer as independently as she can. She has pointed me to an interesting page (I’m not sure if she has set it up or just found it) on Facebook with some good independent sources of information called “Reasons2Remain“. And my opinion was moving towards the “Stay” box.

Then I was driving to my craft fair in Abergavenny on Saturday and I was listening to Anneka Rice on Radio 2 going on and on about Eurovision. And I decided to play a game with myself. If the question was “Should the UK leave the Eurovision song contest?” what would my answer be?

Its not a new technique to re-frame a question you are struggling with. I heard a pundit on Sky News who is similarly confused asked “If the question was ‘Should the UK JOIN the EU?’ what would your answer be?” and he similarly found that a much easier question to answer (He said “yes” BTW)

So having re-framed the question in my head “Should the UK leave the Eurovision song contest?” I found myself with a strong opinion. NO NO NO NO NO!!

So I thought, I wonder what would happen if I applied my opinion on why we should stay in Eurovision back to the EU and I found a lot of the reasons are the same.

Yes Eurovision is corrupt (or at least “flawed”) but that doesn’t mean we should walk away.

Yes we never win Eurovision (and normally come on the ‘left hand side of the scoreboard’!) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help us or teach us or make us better.

Yes we are a majority contributor to Eurovision, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get financial benefits in other ways normally that are not easily defined or calculated.

And so on 23rd June 2016 I will be voting for the UK to remain in the EU. And I finally feel comfortable with that.

I’m sorry I have had to explain my post Eurovision. I hope you will reread it with this back story and maybe it will help you to make your own mind up (or find some other questions that can help you make your mind up).

Because please: please vote. But please vote informed. Please don’t vote by eeny meeny, miney, mo.