Regular readers know I don’t like doctors (My whole family are doctors so I’m allowed to say that). At best they know nothing, at worst they think they know everything. You wait six months to see a doctor and when you do they say “come back if it doesn’t get any better”.  The system is totally, fatally flawed. Save the NHS? Pah! Scrap it and start again more like. 

But last night I saw it with different eyes. 

I saw the heart of the NHS and that is totally, unequivocally worth saving. 

While I was trying to support my 6 foot, 20+ stone husband from collapsing from the pain, no one asked me for my credit card. 

When I was listening to my strong, bodyguard, protector husband crying in agony, the nurses weren’t telling me that there was no medicine left in the hospital for him. 

Where my husband lay unconscious from the pain and morphine cocktail, the room wasn’t filled with gunshot and bomb blast wounds victims and no doctors. 

Instead, I saw men and women rush to help relieve my husbands suffering. Indeed I’ve never seen them move so fast. 

I saw men and women trying to alleviate a dementia patient’s fears because his family weren’t able to be with him for whatever accident he was recovering from; even though he wasn’t technically an emergency. 

I saw men and women remain professional even when I wanted to go over and tell a patient to go home, they clearly were not sick. Go make an appointment with your GP for six months time… 

I saw men and women do their absolute best. 

And surely that’s the heart of the NHS. And you’ll never hear me arguing that isn’t worth saving. 

Sure there’s not enough money. 

Sure most of the money they do have is spent on managers and compensation payouts. 

Sure medical staff are minimally trained and maximally used. 

But the heart. The very heart of the NHS. People doing their best for free (at the point of need). 

Yes that. THAT is worth saving. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY

(PS Doug back home now sleeping it off. He says he’ll definitely get it looked into this time…… if he has time ……. maybe)