So the unthinkable has happened. 

He won. 

The man who even his own party wouldn’t support. 

The man who is openly Fascist; wants to build a wall to keep them pesky Mexicans out and get Muslims to wear a badge. 

The man who excuses sexual harassment as “locker room talk” (but has the greatest respect for women).

He won. 

He’s now the most powerful man in the world. 

It’s done. No Facebook posts, petitions or even riots are going to change it. 

I felt it after Brexit: where were your protests and campaigning before the vote? After the fact is too late. 

We are lucky to live in a democracy. 

Sometimes that means we have to live with votes we don’t agree with. I’m a governor of two schools. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve agreed with proposals. But that’s democracy. I live to fight another day; I live to vote according to some parents. And one day my vote will be listened to because another parent who agrees with me will join and we will suddenly be a majority. If I gave up: they’ll feel disheartened and leave. Democracy is not a quick fix. Democracy is long haul. 

But Donald Trump is the new Hitler. We’re all doomed? 

I choose to believe in democracy. 

Democracy has many layers. 

America is very different to U.K.: America voted for a President. We vote for a party, whose leader becomes Prime Minister. 

All is not lost. 

A President cannot enact policy decisions without the backing of the Senate. 

He is not a dictator. 

He’s already caveating his policies 2 or 3 days after election because they are completely unenforceable. 

(Long live President Trump, please don’t shoot me)

But his election does tell us a lot. 

We’re fed up of the establishment. 

When given the choice beteeen a clean living establishatarion and a famous shoutee person. Millions of people chose someone who had never been in politics before. 

We’re tired of politics. 

Men and women who have never lived real life: what do they know? 

American friends of mine said they voted for Trump because he didn’t have years of politics behind him. She’d had decades of lies and misdirection. He was a breath of fresh air. He made mistakes and said the wrong things because he was new and inexperienced. And it was to be celebrated not deblored. 

He lived the new life. Through celebrity and social media and sound bites. 

Say what you will. How many of us make our decisions based on Facebook? 

Did someone die? 

I don’t believe it till someone I trust confirms it on Facebook. 

10 people can support a cause on Facebook and I’m cynical. 

But the one person I trust on Facebook confirms it and I’m a gibbering wreck. How could this happen. They were too young. Too important to die young. It can’t possibly be true. 

Sure BeyoncĂ© sang at Clinton’s campaign.

But my Facebook feed is telling me she’s a liar and old school. Donald Trump is a celebrity and makes money. Why would you vote otherwise? 

The world has changed. 

Those who don’t appreciate it will be left behind. 

I don’t agree with Donald Trump at any level. 

(Please don’t shoot me. Long live President Trump!) 

But the country has spoken. 

You don’t like the outcome? 

Argue democratically. 

But remember democracy has changed.

Don’t be left behind. 

Don’t write letters to The Guardian thinking it will change the world.

Fight in the new world. 

Donald Trump did and look where he is. He doesn’t even want to live in the White House full time. He’s not that bothered. He just wanted to win. 

And win he did. 

He won new age. 

You want to change the world. Learn the new world.

Don’t tell your kids not to watch YouTube videos because “at your age we were out climbing trees”. Climbing trees is old school, YouTube videos are the future. Climbing trees doesn’t change the world. Climbing trees was fun, but old school. 

You sure as hell won’t win old school. 

And thank heavens for that.