2016 has been shit (I’m not one to swear, so it must be bad). I think everyone agrees. I think most of us long for 2017. 

No one knows what the apolocapse will look like. 

Perhaps it will be a nuclear holocaust? Perhaps the zombies will come after all. Perhaps the animals will revolt. Who knows? 

Perhaps we are actually living the apolocaypse. 

Because what is actually the apolocaypse. 

If you google the word, it means “an event involving destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale”. And what does “catastrophic” mean: ‘involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering’

So basically the apolocaypse is an event causing great damage. Or a life changing event. 

I propose that 2016 was/is the apolocaypse. (Or ‘an’ apolocaypse at least)

Because actually, 2016 has been life changing. I’m not sure 2017 will ‘fix’ it. 

Conspiracy theorists may suggest that those with more money than us decided to ‘check out’ to the safe haven that those in the know are creating. It’ll be fun there. Music by David Bowie and Prince (amongst others), comedy by Victoria Wood and Ronnie Corbett (they are only headliners you understand) and general ‘national treasure-loveliness’ by Terry Wogan and Andrew Sachs. And that’s without talking about the literature or film geniuses you might expect to meet on ‘the other side’. The world of entertainment left behind has changed. 

2017 won’t look at all like the world we are used to. 

Just in the last week or so we are having to reevaluate how we send our children to sporting academies. And of course with that implies EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY you send your child to. And that particularly strikes home with me because my OH is the chairman for the local football grassroots club and so we personally know most of the football coaches. They all have families of their own and do it for the love of their own children in the teams and the game but I’m sorry for the second glances they’ll get now. The football world has changed. Children’s extra curricular activities has changed. Leisure has changed. Life has changed. 

And the political sphere has changed. Whether you got the result you wanted or not on June 23rd, surely we are all sick to death of the word ‘Brexit’. ‘Brexit’ didn’t even exist as a word until 2016 when it was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary (and therefore the English language). The English language has changed. Now by-elections are won or lost on ‘Brexit’ platforms. The political language has changed. Politics has changed. Life has changed. 

And Trump. 

Agree or disagree with him. He has changed the world. Changed the way politics will be fought. The way we see the world has changed. We’ll see less ‘politicians’ and more ‘celebrities’. The way pundits look at how to win elections will change. Statistics and research will change. Polling will change. What ‘they’ decide we want, will change. Will they change what we want? Possibly. It’s a seizimic shift, anyway. History will mark it. Our children will watch documentaries and films about it (if that’s what they do, in the future). Who knows? The future has changed. Life has changed. 

And closer to home. The world has changed. 

My safe haven cul-de-sac that is entirely untouchable. 

Not untouchable. 
Who knew a cul-de-sac on a hill could be effected by flooding. I don’t really understand it myself, but 4 out of 6 houses lost something to flood water. Now we have to think about the rain. Now we have to think about what we put on the ground floor. Now we have to hold our breath when we renew our home insurance. Our world has changed. Life has changed. 

All adaptable. 

2016 changed us. 

For all of us who knew Rhys. 

Our lives will never be the same again. And boy oh boy do I feel totally insubstantial as a neighbour compared to his family and friends posting that comment. 

July 2016 saw the end of the world as we knew it. 

I knew him. My life was/is connected to his but I was not family or close friends even, though I wish to be so. 

When a 16-year-old dies, it changes your view of the world. Old people die. Sick people die. Not healthy, full of potential children. That’s not the way life should be. That’s not the way I understand life. Life is fair. There’s a cause and effect in life. 

My understanding of life has changed. 

Life isn’t fair. 

Life doesn’t have an explanation for its actions. 

There is no reason. 

There’s just today. 

Because tomorrow will be different. In ways none of us understand yet. 

But it will be different. 

2017 will be different. But that doesn’t change the effect 2016 has made. 

Enjoy today. 

Life has changed.