I don’t like Christmas. 

I’ve written a blog about it. 

Bah humbug!

(There’s a shocker! I seem to write about everything. But hey, that’s why you loves me right?!)

But there are some things I do like about it. 

Mainly it’s universal. 

It unites everyone. 

Sure there’s some who don’t celebrate it. 

I know some Jehovah Witness families who close their curtains and keep their children off school during December. But they know it’s happening and it’s part of their year. 

Ive met some Sikhs this year. Their religion is very interesting. It’s basically a mixture of all the others. They may not celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate Christians celebrating Christmas. If I was to choose a religion I’d choose Sikhism or Buddhism for their tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

But the main thing I like about Christmas is that we’re all on holiday. 

It’s not like summer where you expect to greet a wall of emails and disasters when you return to work. Everyone is off. The world stops. 

Of course that has its disadvantages. 

You have to plan. 

Amazon doesn’t have delivery times. It has a green/red “arrives before Christmas/arrives after Christmas” system. 

Food shopping is a strategic minefield. Will you need milk on December 25th? You better know by October or you won’t get a delivery slot. 

And God forbid you might need assistance at Christmas. What happens if you suddenly lose your job three days before Christmas? What happens if you can’t pay your bills on December 24th? What happens if your house burns down and you need to start rebuilding your life a week before Christmas. 

No one cares. 

Because everyone cares it’s Christmas. Everyone is happy at Christmas.

I don’t like Christmas.