So here we are, Christmas Eve. Everyone is happy and excited for the big man’s arrival. My kids are acting like they’ve been on blue smarties for weeks. 

I’ve posted before that I am not a fan of Christmas. Bah humbug!  And this year has been particularly shitty. 

I posted before that 2016 has been the (or an) apocalypse for many reasons. The end of the world as we know it

But on Thursday 22nd December 2016 we had our very own Gibbons’ apocalypse.  (Because who doesn’t want their own?) 

Doug was told he’d lost his job. 

They told him that from the moment he was informed he could no longer drive his car, he was no longer entitled to his private medical insurance (which he is currently using to try and get his gallbladder sorted) and was told to change his LinkedIn profile (because that’s obviously the first thing on one’s mind). They’ll come and pick up his equipment next week but would he be kind enough to parcel it up for them? 

This has been on the cards for a few weeks and I’m so grateful to my online and real life friends who noticed something was up and asked if I was ok. I’m not ok. We’re not ok. 

But we’re all still alive. We haven’t lost our precious photos in the flood. We’re together. We’re a family. 

Some friends from work have rung Doug to give support and for that he and I will always be grateful. 

We no longer have any money but we have each other and we have good friends and family who will support in whatever way they can (and it’s times like these you realise just how much emotional support means). 

I can’t say much about the details but rest assured we will be fighting. Fighting for the future, fighting for OUR future and fighting to stay together. 

Because I love him. He’s my person. He will ALWAYS be my person. And we’re a family. 

And it’s Christmas. 

My sister gave me some amazing words of wisdom. She told me to make the dinner and buy less beads. So that’s what I’ll be doing. 

Feeding my kids. (And using the beads I already have. So it’s lucky I’ve been stockpiling)

Feeding my kids