I’d like to thank the terrorist in yesterday’s Westminster attack. 

Thank you

Wait! Wait! Before I have MI5 knocking on my door as a terrorist supporter or a barrage of hate comments. Let me explain! 

Thank you Mr Terrorist (you don’t deserve a name). And here’s why:

Thank you for showing us terrorism is nothing to be scared of. 

One car? That’s scary? Most of us can rattle off a list of those we’ve lost or who’ve had ‘catastrophic’ injuries through road traffic accidents. That’s every day. There’s two cars in my drive. I can see ten cars from my bedroom window. I’m not going to be any more scared of cars than I already am. Terrorise me? Sorry but you’ve failed. 

Just a car

Thank you for showing us the news is not always fake. 

The world is square!

Having so many avenues for communication can cause fake news. Sure. But yesterday you showed us its true purpose.

I saw Facebook create a facility for Londoners to mark themselves as “safe” for worried family and friends. That’s what the internet and social media is all about. 

Today I know you’re name (not that I’m interested). I know what you did. 

But best of all I know what everyone else did. I can listen to accounts of who your victims were and hear preparations for rememberances and celebrations of their lives. We live in a nation that can share news freely. We can forget the benefits of that. You reminded us. Thank you. 

Thank you for unifying our deeply divided country. 

Last year we voted for division. Last year we gave others an excuse for hate. Yet yesterday you gave us a reason to unite. I’ve seen all races, creeds and nationalities share feelings of compassion and sadness. 

Since it happened I have only felt unity and strength as a nation. We’re united against the hate. Thank you for reminding us we all (or the majority of us anyway) feel the same way at our core, no matter what our political views might be. 

Thank you for preparing us for a ‘proper’ attack. (You were just an angry lone man seeking glory)

Today I have seen reporters pose questions about security and protection. And if they’re asking it, you can rest assured those whose job it is will be thinking about it. We have some of the finest minds in the world. If we need better protecting, you’ve just shown them the weaknesses in our current ways. Things will change. Maybe not for our greater convenience but I thank you for making the world safer for my children. 

Our emergency services have drills but there’s nothing like the real thing for training and concentrating the mind. If there’s a ‘real’ attack, our emergency services will be even better prepared. Thank you. 

Thank you for showing us our first responders are some of the best. 

They were quick to respond to what must have been scenes they’ll never forget. And time and time again today I have seen thanks and praise for the first responders. And they treated all equally: victim or terrorist. They worked their hardest for you.

Thank you for reminding us our NHS is one of the best in the world.

 Doctors, surgeons, nurses and other health professionals will be working tirelessly for all those injured yesterday. For hours, days, weeks, months and years after we stop talking about it. They’ll still be trying their best. And the victims won’t be asked for their credit card details or told their insurance has run out. 

I’m not the NHS biggest fan. But you’ve reminded me, reminded us all to be ever grateful for it. And that it is worth saving. Thank you. 

Thank you for showing us how much the police protect us. 

Us Brits aren’t known for blowing our own trumpets. But the news agencies had to present something. So they told us of the hundreds of foiled terrorist plots already this year. The police and central intelligence services such as MI5, they protect us every day, without us ever knowing. Without us ever needing to know. While we complain about them, they protect us anyway. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know how much we owe them. 

And the ultimate sacrifice of PC Keith Palmer. Who stopped the attacker from reaching his presumed destinatination. Who protected those in Parliament from a enraged mad man with a knife. Who had nothing to use to protect them with except his own body. We will remember you PC Keith Palmer. 


And the rest of the police who also stepped up. While we sleeping, the police were protecting us. By the time we woke up, the police had determined who was responsible,  raids had been organised and held, arrests had been made. There will be no hiding place for those who knew and did nothing; for those who supported; for those who encouraged: You will not be allowed to do it again. 

Thank you Mr Terrorist. 

You’ve made us better. You’ve brought us closer as a nation. You’ve made us less afraid.  

We are not afraid